Arens is one of the biggest kitchen furniture producer in Baltic States, which specializes in the manufacturing of kitchen furniture, additionally manufacturing wardrobe and bathroom furniture.

The employees of Arens salons ensure the design of the furniture and they also provide individual consultations and recommendations for every project. Alongside the furniture, appliances, accessories and sanitary are also being found for every project. Each set of furniture is ensured with assembly on the object.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in furniture manufacturing, it has entered Latvia in 2005.


AS Arens-Mööbel is the largest Estonian kitchen furniture producer since 1992. Quality, innovative solutions, wide range of options and an individual approach are the leading motives Arens. Currently more than 100 000 families enjoy their morning coffee in kitchens made by Arens.

Facts :

  • The total area of Arens factory is 14000 m2, it is located in Estonia, near Tartu.
  • The plant is provided with modern equipment in compliance with European standards.
  • Arens production is oriented both to private and project sale.
  • Factory is equipped with machinery and devices that are productive and flexible.
  • The company employs 96 people.
  • Arens produces more than 400 kitchens sets per month, making it 20 kitchens per day.
  • Ca 40% of production is exported mainly to Norway, Sweden and Finland.


Quality is one of the basic elements for lasting maintenance of appearance and functionality. Our employees are competent, they are able to recommend and consult each project individually.


Arens represents an Estonian company which has almost 25 years of experience in manufacturing furniture, export issues, selection of materials, technological development and design solutions. The experience has brought the company an opportunity to get acquainted with the client's needs and find solution for them.


The major elements of kitchen furniture are being industrially assembled at production unit. It ensures accurate junction of details and also a longer service. Industrial production of the furniture provides an opportunity to produce several identical sets of furniture. During its existence Arens has developed a system that ensures a single quality level for all furniture.


Arens strives for growth and new, more convenient solutions. The whole working process is automated to the highest degree in order to facilitate work and prevent human errors. New technologies allow to create such solutions as 3D milling, processing the edges with laser, to use different transformers in order to increase work efficiency.


Before launching new materials into market we carefully assess and select the suppliers. A wide range of materials allows to customize furniture for different styles, variations of colours and textures. During the production process high class materials and texture, suitable for the best functions, are being used.

Projects and Export

DO YOU NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF KITCHENS? WE CAN DO THAT.  Our kitchens combine charming design with carefully chosen materials, fittings and high-tech production. To provide for furniture durability and longevity, Arens furniture is produced at our high-tech equipped factory, cabinets are pre-assembled in the factory and all the furniture is packed carefully for transportation.

We have one of the largest and most modern kitchen furniture production plants in the Baltic countries. The production plant is in operation since 1992. In 2008 the factory’s production area was extended with a new plant to 14000 m2. 80% of the material processing operations are carried out on preprogrammed modern furniture production equipment, including our brand new LaserEdge work centre. Only specific carpentry, some finishes and rarely performed operations are dependent on our highly professional employees’ skills.

Every month we produce 400+ kitchen furniture sets, making 20 kitchens per day. For our larger projects we produce and set up more than 1000 kitchens for Scandinavian and Baltic countries yearly.

Export is mainly to Scandinavian and Baltic countries. 40% of the total production is exported to Norway, Sweden and Finland.

We deliver a full range of services, starting with construction pre-consultation, to furniture after-warranty service. With our partners, we can provide services for full interior design solutions. We have experience to provide furniture solutions for kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms.

We deliver and assemble the whole range of our products, including kitchen appliances. If relevant, plumbing is done and stone worktops are measured and installed. We are flexible in solving any difficulties that arise, and are committed to fulfilling our promises.

Why Arens ?

  • Commitment – every person in our organisation is dedicated to delivering our promises.
  • Capability – extensive automation allows us to fulfil even the largest orders in a reasonable time schedule.
  • Full service - from design development to installation and after-warranty services.
  • International experience of more than 24 years
  • Wide range of materials – from natural wood to high-tech materials.
  • Machine processing accuracy – insures product quality and durability.
  • Other furniture – wardrobes, bathrooms.
  • Wide range of options – different materials and different designs.



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