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LaserTec Nano mat

FENIX NTM nanotechnology doors. Nanotechnology based doors are a true innovation. The finish is supermatt and silky, while very easy to maintain. Smaller damage can be heat treated, for example, you can remove the scratches by using a hot iron.

  • AR26 AF-1

    AR26 AF-1

  • AR26 AF-2

    AR26 AF-2

  • AR26 AF-3

    AR26 AF-3

  • AR26 AF-4

    AR26 AF-4

  • AR26 AF-5

    AR26 AF-5

LaserTec Cleaf

  • Colorado


  • Jute


  • Linen


  • Mocca


  • Penelope


  • Mikado


  • Sendre


  • Atlas


  • Tango


  • Coco


LaserTec Gloss

  • AR25 AD-1

    AR25 AD-1

  • AR25 AD-2

    AR25 AD-2

  • AR25 AD-3

    AR25 AD-3

LaserTec Deco

  • AR23 White

    AR23 White

  • AR23 Navarra

    AR23 Navarra

  • AR23 Akaatsia

    AR23 Akaatsia

  • AR23 Platinum oak

    AR23 Platinum oak

  • AR23 Sanremo

    AR23 Sanremo

  • AR23 Wenge antique

    AR23 Wenge antique

  • AR23 Cabana

    AR23 Cabana

  • AR23 Oak antique

    AR23 Oak antique

  • AR23 Pearl white

    AR23 Pearl white

LaserTec Beton

  • Beton



Perfectly elegant, natural glass laminated doors for furniture that fit perfectly into a modern interior. In the process of manufacturing doors in the glass laminating process, a special adhesive process was used to ensure the perfect product quality. The edges of the door are lined with monolithic polished high gloss.

  • AG1 Snow

    AG1 Snow

  • AG2 White

    AG2 White

  • AG3 White Grey

    AG3 White Grey

  • AG4 Magnolia

    AG4 Magnolia

  • AG5 Champagne

    AG5 Champagne

  • AG6 Cappuccino

    AG6 Cappuccino

  • AG7 Earth

    AG7 Earth

  • AG8 Grey

    AG8 Grey

  • AG9 Black

    AG9 Black

  • AG11 Satin White

    AG11 Satin White

  • AG12 Satin Magnolia

    AG12 Satin Magnolia

  • AG13 Satin Kashmir

    AG13 Satin Kashmir

  • AG14 Satin Grey

    AG14 Satin Grey